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Things to Consider When Hiring a Tree Service Specialist

Tree service specialists are trained experts that will professionally care for trees. The need for these surfaced when home and business owners needed to care for trees on their property, or when a dead or dying tree became a hazard. Choosing such as specialist can often be a simple as a quick look through your local phone book, that is if you know what to look for.

Not every service is the same. So you need to make sure you hire one which can handle your tree care needs. When you are just contacting a company to remove a dead or diseased tree, you need to make sure they are both bonded and insured, and they will remove every last piece of the tree. Removal should be done in a safe and efficient manner, however, does not need the knowledge as caring for live trees does.

When choosing a tree service to care for live trees, always hire a licensed contractor that is also an arborist. They have specific knowledge of how to care for different trees. When you hire a company that does not possess this knowledge, they could butcher your trees, or worse case scenario, kill them.

A quality company will not just be licensed and bonded and have arborists on staff, they should also provide free estimates with their quotes. However, before you hire anyone, we at Bieniek Tree Service recommend you get at least 2 estimates from reputable companies. Compare each one with the work you want them to do, this will help you to choose the right company for your needs. Having these estimates will also let you know who is on target with their price and make you feel more comfortable about what exactly you are paying for.

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