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Hiring Tree Removal Services to Remove a Rotting Tree Stump

Reasons Why to Remove a Rotting Tree Stump

Make sure the quote for your tree removal services includes stump removal as part of the agreed-upon works because dead tree stumps can cause issues in your garden. Do you consider a dead tree stump left in the ground after arboriculture work a memento of a job well done in clearing out a garden? Not at all. The problem is that a dead tree stump left in the ground quickly develops a life of its own and can lead to several significant issues below ground that you were surprised to find out.

Tree Stumps Are a Hazardous Physical Obstacle to People and an Insurance Risk

It doesn’t take long for a tree stump to turn into a potentially dangerous trip hazard, with a little grass acting as a cover. There are a few advantages to leaving a stump in the ground, from grazed knees to serious fall injuries and public liability (duty of care) insurance claims.

Tree Stumps Can Damage Garden Machinery

Every year, bent crankshafts cause thousands of lawnmowers to be scrapped; when a lawnmower blade strikes a tree stump, there is typically only one winner.

Tree Stumps Can Shoot New Growth & Rob Soil Nutrients

The recurrent appearance of new shoots can impact the garden’s aesthetics and the soil’s condition. Unplanned growth can ruin the view, while nutrient leeching from your soil can steal nutrients from your newly planted roses without your knowledge.

Property Values & Damage From Tree Stumps

Today, garden surveys are common in most home purchases and sales. A surveyor will search for indications of environmental harm done by root systems to foundations, walls, and pipework. Stump removal is frequently the best choice because much damage can be done before tree stumps finally run out of nutrients. If the property value is a factor, carefully consider your options.

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