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Looking Forward to Remove All the Ugly Stumps in Your Garden?

How a Stump Removal Service

Clears Land

Land clearing means removing trees and brush on a plot of land. Depending on the size, area and purpose, the excavation could require professional land clearing tools. Cut, grind, pushover and burning are the three most used land clearing techniques.

The pushover technique to clear land usually means using construction equipment. The trees are then simply pushed over and taken off the land along with their roots. Once the trees are moved, they are usually put up for sale or ground up to use as mulch material.

The cut and grind technique starts with the cutting down of trees on the land. These trees are usually moved to a processing site; however, the stumps are left.

These stumps can be ground out by a professional stump removal service

, thus turning it into mulch, or they can be pulled out with the help of a heavy piece of construction equipment.

Using a controlled burn is one of the most dangerous techniques. Burning means starting a controlled fire, and maintaining it until all the trees and brushes are gone. Once the fire has been put out, the land can then be cleared with a bull dozer or other piece of equipment.

One extra choice some people choose is selling the timber found on the plot. Should the timber be sold before clearing the land, some timber firms may bring a team of workers and equipment to help clear the plot at no extra cost to the owner. It is crucial to make sure the timber company not only clears the land but the debris as well once the timber has been taken off the land.

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